Criminal Justice Background

Jodi worked at the Public Defender’s Office of Montgomery County where she handled cases from theft to murder for 7 ½ years.

Mental Health Specialist

Jodi specialized in mental health matters for the Public Defenders’ Office both as an attorney for the Behavioral Health Court and representing clients who are held under involuntary commitment orders in hospitals. In 2015, the Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas appointed Jodi as a substitute Mental Health Hearing Examiner. She knows how to proactively identify mental health resources to keep our community safe. 

Local Practitioner

Jodi is proud to have spent the majority of her legal career in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Her law office is located in Plymouth Meeting. She handles criminal defense and family law matters, among other types of legal cases. Jodi is a member of the Montgomery County Bar Association (Family Law Group) and the Pennsylvania Bar Association.

Availability to the Court

Jodi is available full-time for the Court. When not in the office, she lives only minutes away and can serve without delay.


Jodi Lukens Griffis is a mom, former Montgomery County Public Defender and a local small business owner. This year she is running to be our Magisterial District Judge for Plymouth Township and the west side of Conshohocken.  Griffis was born and raised in our community and is a Plymouth Whitemarsh High School graduate. She graduated from Dickinson College with a Bachelor of Arts degree and Widener University School of Law with a Juris Doctor degree. She has been a practicing attorney in Montgomery County for the last fourteen years, representing indigent and incarcerated clients as a Montgomery County Public Defender for over seven years. During that time she represented clients accused of crimes ranging from theft to murder. She now devotes her Plymouth Meeting private law practice to family law, civil litigation, probate and estate, and criminal defense. She has had numerous civil and criminal hearings before Magisterial District Judges throughout Montgomery County.

Jodi Lukens Griffis will bring extensive experience at the intersection of mental health and the criminal justice system. During her time at the Montgomery County Public Defender’s Office, Jodi was active with the county’s Behavioral Health Court.  She was the office representative for the program, which meant she attended all court sessions of the program, making sure the participants had representation if they had any legal questions or if issues arose for a participant, they always had an advocate on hand to help protect their legal rights. For the past eight years, Jodi has served as the President of the Board of Directors for Circle Lodge, Inc., a local nonprofit community rehabilitative residence for individuals suffering from mental illness. She was appointed as a substitute mental health hearing examiner by the Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas in 2015. When someone is involuntarily committed to a treatment facility, they have the right to have a hearing and have representation since their liberty is at stake.  Jodi represented patients for years while with the Montgomery County Public Defender’s Office. Once appointed as a substitute mental health hearing examiner, she conducted hearings when patients were not in agreement with the recommended treatment. She has visited numerous hospitals and prisons within the county both as a public defender representing patients and as the hearing examiner conducting the hearings.

Jodi and her husband, Michael, have two young boys. Her oldest son attends Ridge Park Elementary School. Jodi enjoys volunteering in various activities her sons have been involved in through school and local sports, including Plymouth Little League, the Ridge Park Elementary PTO, and the Colonial Soccer Club.


Jodi Lukens Griffis will bring her experience as a trial attorney, mental health advocate, local small business owner, and mother to provide the needed qualities to becoming the type of judge Plymouth Township and the West side of Conshohocken deserve.

Jodi Lukes Griffis

Plymouth Whitemarsh High School